Work In Progress.

Hey pal,

Thank you for visiting our website. You may have noticed that this is a bit of a work in progress. That is because this project needs you. We need women from across the globe, from all backgrounds, in all occupations to contribute.

This is a new exciting project aimed at connecting women and girls from all walks of life. We aspire for this platform to become a safe space where visitors can share their experiences, whether they be achievements or lessons learned from failures, the best days of their lives or the worst. We are looking to share stories, share lessons, and be a platform for likeminded people to share ideas, ask questions, and connect.

In today’s world of social media, we only get visibility of the successes, in the most photogenic of ways. But what about the struggles? The bad days? The failures? How can we possibly learn from others when all we ever see are their most perfect days? How can we learn our we ourselves can reach the successes achieved by others, if we never share in the process?

To do this, we need your stories. 

The goal is for people to share with us stories of their lives and experiences, from which other women can be inspired, learn lessons, or empathise with their story. These stories will be shared through a series of podcasts, with this website here to tell you more about the speaker, share their socials, and provide a forum through which the listener can ask questions, leave their thoughts, and connect with others. 

You see, we want this place to not just be a story book, but to be an interactive network, here to support others across all aspects of our lives. 

So what do we want from you? 

We want anyone with a story they wish to share to get in touch. It is your stories which will make up our podcast episodes. It is up to you whether you would want to record the story yourself, or ask us to read it out for you. It is also up to you if you prefer to remain anonymous.

As a contributor, you will be an incredible building block of a fantastic community. Not only will your story help others, but we also hope that this network will help you with meeting people who have shared your experiences, and for you to connect with others in your industry.

As a visitor, this is an amazing opportunity for us girls to band together, because we don’t have many places these days to chat and connect on both and professional and personal level. This platform aims to do just that. Together we can be unstoppable.

So please get in touch through our contact pages, whether you have a story tell, an idea for content to create, or wish to recommend someone for me to get in touch with myself.